Upcoming Live Events

September 17, Ottawa On, Mavericks

Battle Beast, Infrared, Lycanthro, Scepter

Doors at 7:30, All ages show, Tickets are $15, and can be purchased through Lycanthro at Showpass

June 29, Toronto On, Rock The Boat Metal Cruse

Lycanthro, Black Absinth, Iomair

Show 8:00 to 12:00, Tickets are SOLD OUT, show put on by Neurotic Entertainment

July 20, London On, Call The Office

Fidais, Lycanthro. Trilateral, Age of Athena

Doors at 9:00, 19+ show, Tickets are $10

July 18, Ottawa On, Cafe Dekcuf

Seven Spires, The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endravors, Sovereign Council, Lycanthro

Doors at 7:00, More info TBA

July 19. Peterborough On, Southside Pizzeria

Anthropophagy, Lycanthro, Titan Arum, After Sin

Doors at 9pm, Tickets are $10

October 31, Ottawa On, Mavericks

Hammerfall, Infrared, Lycanthro, Scepter, Machine Messiah 

Doors at 7:00, All ages show, Tickets are $35 through Lycanthro and at showpass

January 30, Ottawa On, Mavericks

Ross The Boss, Infrared, Lycanthro, Scepter, Rockin' Engine

Doors at 6:00, All ages, Tickets are $15 through Lycanthro


April 17, Vancouver BC, Rickshaw Theatre 

Powerglove, Immortal Guardian, Helion Prime, Iron Kingdom, Silver Talon, Dire Peril, Syryn, Apprentice, Lycanthro

More bands and info available soon, and tickets will be available on Ticketfly soon