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Lycanthro are a 4 piece Power/Thrash metal band formed in 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They combine the genres of power, thrash and speed metal, along with an energetic and epic stage show and lyrical themes based on classic horror and mythology. Lycanthro's original demo release, along with their newest EP "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" encapsulates the bands heavy, yet melodic sound, drawing influences from European/American power metal, all the way to classic
thrash, along with their use of howling high vocals, piercing guitars, a booming rhythm section as well as uses of instruments such as piano and classical guitar to forge a powerful sound. Lycanthro will continue to howl into the night and into the future because in metal we trust!

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" had put on a performance that nearly upstaged the headliners"


"Lycanthro are definitely a band I’d recommend for anyone into traditional, classic heavy/power metal" Wonderbox Metal

"4.25/5 stars rating" The Metal Crypt

"taking some classic influences and intertwining them into a potent, headbanging outfit. International attention and accolades aren’t far behind as these members grow" 

Dead Rhetoric 

"These guys write some amazing riffs, better than many with decades more experience" -Decibel Geek 

"Lycanthro are something else, simply put. They are an ambitious group of guys and you can see the talent and passion through their playing" Going A-Wall!

"Canadian heavy metallers Lycanthro have come together to forge one of the most appealing and intriguing love-letters to the classic metal sound of the 80s with a strong classy-sounding release."  Dons Metal Reviews

"a Harken back to the old school!" -Joe Comeua (Liege Lord, ex Overkill, ex Annihilator)

"All the songs on this disc have well thought-out compositions with excellent build ups from the intros to the outros. The songs are top caliber which can compete with any of todays current metat bands' -John Ricci (Exciter)

"Lycanthro are great"-Blaze Bayley (Blaze Bayley, ex Iron Maiden, ex Wolfsbane

video by Montreal Metal Shows

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse EP