Welcome to the official website of Lycanthro! True metal hailing from Ottawa Canada!

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Get ready to rumble indeed! on January 31 Lycanthro will be at House of TARG for the Wacken Metal Battle Ottawa preliminary round 1. We are so excited and honored to be apart of this once again, along with playing with our buddys in The Aphelion, Peronicus and Triple Murder. Hope to see full crowd of Ottawa's heavy metal community out to support local metal and to be apart of this incredible show. More info on our event page and keep a eye on us for updates. Stay metal my friends!

Thank you to every who joined us at House of TARG on January 31 for the Wacken Metal Battle. It was a lot of fun and we won the first Ottawa battle and will be moving onto the Quebec finals. That show will be Taking place on March 15 at the Piranha Bar, more details about that show will come out as we 

Hear about it. But once again thank you all for coming out and supporting Lycanthro, in other cool news we will be at Mavericks on September 17 supporting Finish power metal band Battle Beast! will be a lot of fun, tickets are available online and will be available through Lycanthro soon! Check out the event page for more details. More cool news and new shows coming soon!

News and updates! First off thank you to everyone who came out to the Domintion Tavern last night with us and Loviatar. We and a lot of fun and met a lot of cool people. So thank you all! Also we have announced 2 new shows you can find on our event page, opening for Venom Inc on May 2 and Cloven Hoof on May 28. We are also both working on some up coming shows and confirmed some shows for the near future and for a big one that will be in april 2020. Cant wait to talk more about that one, but that will come in time. We are also over half way through recording the new album, so hopfully we will have more info on that soon. Next show will be that Wacken Metal Battle in Montreal on March 15! Stay Tuned!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the shows in Montreal and Pembroke this weekend. We played at the Quebec Finals for the Wacken Metal Battle, Unfortunately we didn't win but we would like to congratulate Born Broken for there win. Born Broken will be moving onto the next Battle in Toronto and will be up against The Slyde and Dumpster Mummy, Best of luck to all 3 bands. We also got to play in Pembroke for the first time. it was a lot of fun, we got to play some songs we don't always play and had some great food while we where there. We would like to thank everyone for there support, it means absolutely everything to us. We have some cool stuff coming up. Our next show is at Mavericks opening for Venom Inc on may 2, message us for tickets!