Welcome to the official website of Lycanthro! True metal hailing from Ottawa Canada!

Lycanthro Official Website

NEW SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! On November 13 Lycanthro will be hitting the stage at Cafe Dekcuf opening for the legendary Aggression! As well as playing along side Mortor and Domonation! All ages show and tickets are just $10. Email Lycanthro if you would like to come out to a night of awesome heavy metal! More shows and news coming soon. Until then STAY METAL MY FRIENDS!!                                                                                                        july 11

Last night we played a last second and fun show at Live! on Elgin. We played a short set for the Algonquin Music Industry Arts gradguation party becuse our guitarist James Delbridge was taking the corse. Our setlist was Fog of War, Enchantress and Crucible. We have many cool shows that we really cant wait to announce so stay tuned!                        august 11

Thank you to everyone who made it out to Mavericks last night. We had a absolute blast, and it was a absolute honor to open for Diamond Head. One announcement from last nights show is our incredible bassist Kyle Dube will be parting ways with Lycanthro. We have enjoyed his time in the band and wish him the best for all of his future endeavors. Keep a eye on this website along with our social medias because we have some cool announcements and some awesome shows currently in the works in Ottawa and beyond so stay tuned!                                                      September 7

As announced Lycanthro has part ways with Kyle Dube. No hard feelings and we with him the best of luck with everything. But now we would like to welcome the newest edition to Lycanthro Carlo Cote! We are looking forward to hitting the stage, hitting the road and making music with Carlo. Welcome to Lycanthro!

                                       September 8

It is Official! Lycanthro will be on every Ontario tour date with E-FORCE in December! We are also excited to announce we will be playing in Hamilton for the first time, aswell as making our return to Toronto the day after. 

Demonikhol Ontario Tour Dates

December 7 Hamilton On, Club Absinthe

December 8 Toronto On, Coalition 

December 9 Ottawa On, Mavericks

Cant wait to hit the road with E-FORCE and Vortex who will also be on every tour date. Stay tuned because we still have even more really cool news coming your way!                                                                                        October 3            

Big Announcements! First thing first, Lycanthro has parted ways with Nathan Shuman. He is leaving to take on music endeavors of his own. W would like to ask everyone who has supported Lycanthro to Suport Nathans band when it gets going. Taking Nathans place is Brad Beekmans, looking forward to hitting the stage and playing some heavy metal with him. Welcome to Lycanthro! Secondly, Lycanthro will be taking the stage at 457 The Edge on November 3 for the Triple Threat Ramp Jam. We played there last year under our old band name Death Wish, its always a lot of fun and all going to a good cause. Its also Free! so come on out for a free night of metal and skateboarding! more info at 457REVOLUTION